Welcome to Pt. Beeri Singh Private I.T.I

We are going to introduce a new institution named Pt. Beeri Sing Private I.T.I. by Maa Vaishnodevi Educational & Welfare Society to ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in Electrician & Fitter trades for the domestic industry, to raise

quantitatively and qualitatively the industrial production by systematic training, to reduce unemployment among the educated youth by providing them employable training, to cultivate and nurture a technical/ industrial attitude in the minds of the younger generation.

This Institution is situated in Shamshabad approximately 15 km far from Agra City. All the courses conducted in this institute will be approved by N.C.V.T, Government of India. read more…

From the Principal’s Desk

The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stones…. It ended because people invented alternate tools made of bronze and iron…the people innovated!! I believe it is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent that survives….. it is one that is most adaptable to change. So be inventive….you might fail, but get started. Think big…..but don’t hesitate to start small. The youth need to realize from an early age that the world pays off on results, not on efforts. The era of ‘average performance’ is over!!


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